After seeing a need in our community, First Baptist Church of Galva opened a Food Pantry!  This pantry is courtesy of our Deacon’s Fund and is restocked every Thursday and Friday morning.

Each household is welcomed to take whatever food that can fill one bag (bag is provided), plus what they can carry in one hand.  The pantry itself is opened Thursday nights following Family Night and on Sunday’s after the worship service.

Below is a video of how the Food Pantry gets filled and how some of it is distributed.  Enjoy!!
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we are now giving boxes of food out to families each Friday.  Please contact us if you are in need of a box.  You cannot go through the Food Pantry following the worship service at this time, however you may pick up a box at that time.


First Baptist Church of Galva—211 NW 4th Ave., Galva, IL  61434, 309-932-2713